Still not over long time crush I went on four dates with (it didn't work out). Help?

Had a crush on her for like a year, then went on like several dates like two and a half months ago. Not sure why... but I don't like this.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Why didn't the dates go well?

    • the dates were fine (one of them was excellent) but there wasn't that level of romantic connection, but when we were friends and hung out a couple times later I changed my mind about that

    • Sometimes it's just not there which is a bummer

    • I’m just annoyed because I thought I was over that, and no feelings. But i found out she’s dating someone new and there were pangs and such in my chest, ya know. I don’t want to be thinking about it lol that

What Guys Said 1

  • What about the dates you've had since then?

    • I've really had any dates since then - I hooked up once or twice but that was it, have a date coming up

    • That's part of the problem. You need to get over there and get some things going on now rather than thinking of the past. By no means are you looking for a commitment you're just looking to socialize. Date with the intention of having a good time

    • you're right, and part of the issue was that I was in a place where there were like 5 people around me knew and she was one of them, and I was withdrawing (for other reasons) from a lot of the other people in my life

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