Is depression/self hatred a turn off?

I've been told that one reason why people don't find me attractive is because I'm a sad person who has a terrible self image and that, if I wanted people to like me more, then I should try to act happier and more outgoing. What I'm asking is, is it unattractive or a turn off to see someone who hates how they look or is depressed and just straight up wants to die?


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  • No; if someone loves you it's not something that would turn them off at all. Obviously it wouldn't be nice for them to see you in pain and offering support can be hard at times, as is the case with any illness; but you are more than worth that. The illness isn't you, and it's who you are as a person that matters in a relationship. You should never have to hide your feelings and suffer in silence with a partner; if you do it's a red flag that they're not the right person for you


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  • Not for everyone, or at least it seems so, my ex didn't seem to mind and one of my friends says she likes it, but i think neither of them believe me, when i say im depressed and all other stuff, but yea, there are people who don't really mind it, so you just have to hope that you find one of them.

  • In manic pixie dream girl movies, it isn't a turn off.

    In reality it is a turn off.

    • May I ask why you are sad and have a terrible self image?

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    • Between my schooling and two jobs I haven't had time to look for one

    • It may become necessary to make time.

      What are your jobs? What are you studying?

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