Is my boyfriend a good guy?

boyfriend and I been dating for 7 months. He walks to the house to get me, said I was the best thing that ever happened to him
calls me beautiful all the time and says he loves me. He drives an hour to see me (we live an hour away. I also drive to see him). I met his friends & family. he's always understanding. And asks me my opinion on stuff. He always pays for me and tells me not to worry about it. It took us 2 months to kiss and he hasn't pressured me into sex. He follows a meme page online. And it was this half naked girl and older lady talking about dicks. And my boyfriend commented on it whore. Do I not satisfy him? Is he a good guy? I need advice..


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  • He's just being edgy on the internet, it's normal. But if you don't like that than tell him that

    • Oh I see. So he does seem like a good guy otherwise?

    • Based on the information given yes he's a good guy

  • Man have their needs and insecurities. They too are flesh and blood.

    If you want to bring your relationship to the next level, it's time to be more open and talk.

    Yes, it's ok to tell him you don't like something he do. Likewise be prepared for him to tell you things you don't like to hear.

    If there's love then there will be understanding and forgiveness. So talk, ask, listen and response.

    My opinion: he's a good guy. But he's still a guy, real and unpretentious. Cultivate love. This is the way to stay together beyond sexual pleasures.

    • He commented whore on it.. does he seem like a good guy otherwise though?

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    • We haven't had sex yet.

    • Doesn't matter. In fact as a person who promotes celibacy until marriage, I encourage you to remain as you are.

      Use this time to know each ither really well and then decide if you'll eventually marry.

      in my opinion, no sex is better because your focus is about compatibility and long-term togetherness. If there is love between you, then you will find true happiness in commitment. Sex will follow eventually as the climax of this lovemaking process.

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  • he's a good boyfriend


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