Would you date a landscaping guy?

My short story.

I use to work in retail stores while I was in college. In Junior year 2015 I drop of college and decided to do landscaping jobs and lawn care in 2016.

My major was Criminal Justice, I applied in my city police department I passed all my interviews and interrogations, i never heard from them again. I called left a voicemail. I called my friend he search my file there wasn't notes. It got weird not knowing why. I was working in retail store 2013-2015 great years I do missed them in some ways. After, the hacks was made on retails stores, the store start to lose customers and I had wealthy clients they will buy bundles of merchandise. We lost them as well, I was getting tips. I quit the job.

Then I start thinking why not work for my own and build my own business. So, what I saved from the tips from my previous job. I bought a 12x8 trailer and use my own lawn mower in 2016 of July. Slowly start gaining my own customers. Then bought a Zero turn and commercial weeders so on. Then bought a truck as casual driving 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 she is a beauty :)

Sooo... Here comes the part when people talk about, Who will date a lawn care guy? Even my mother disagree being lawn care / landscaping but when she sees the money she stays quite lol. My mother friends tried to hook me up with one of her daughters. I declined right off. Her background and surroundings wasn't O. K. to much drama.

I've been single almost entire life, I mean my last girlfriend or i don't know what it was. It only last 4 months in the ends of 2013. Mostly, entire friends I used to hang out are married or gf/bf/kids. I've been told by many girls that I am a nice guy and just wait those who have patience will obtain. Those who are desperately will fail. My reply are " is not being impatient, just want to share my life with someone and make her happy".

Would you date lawn care/landscaping guy? yes or why not?


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