Would my body shape be very attractive to girls?

I am a person who goes to gym 4-5 times per week doing things like weight/strength training for bicep, triceps. quadriceps, abs, chest, lat, etc, occasionally do running. My ability on these things are mostly slightly higher than the average of the gym-going population, with a few being a little better.

I think I am thin and lean, as my body fat percentage is 12%, and I think my body structure is okay, but I do not have a lot of visible muscles, like 6-pack or 8-pack abs.

So girls, what would you think about my body type? Let us forget other things like personality, humor, money, intelligence, etc. For body type alone, do you think I am attractive?


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  • Since you took away most of the major factors to consider leaving your body type as the sole survivor I'd say yes, your body type would be ideal for me. I'm small, I weigh 99lbs guess you can see why I said yes.

  • I don't like lean and thin body type. Nothing personal just a preference. Even they have bicepts and 8 packs lean and thin is not attractive to me. Unless your personality is phenomenal and match me in every weird ways


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