Girls, name a time of your worst date with a guy?

Guys/men often wonder how they should act or conduct themselves in a certain manner while being on a date with a girl/woman. I'm just curious if any girls on GAG have a really bad or negative date story that they can recall.


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  • one guy, we chatted for about 2 months. he was too busy to meet. when we finally met, he wasn't exactly the way he like online.
    i was still nice. then it started to get dark. we just walked around and he was taking me to darker area of a park. didn't ask me if i am tire or if i need to sit down. i was dressed very nicely. so i just left him. i told him i am not going to that part of the park.

    another guy, i started to talk about real estate at a public area, he was very very interested. i was friendly. after that, he took me to a restaruant. he wanted to split. my first ever a guy wanted to split the bill. fine... but when he walked me to my car. he tried to kiss me. i said no.
    to me, splitting a check is friendship. so i did't him to kiss me.


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