Is it true you fall in love with someone who remembers to you your family?

I'm taking a psychology course and during our last conference professor mentioned sometimes people fall in love for people who makes them remember their "childhood" first loves wether is your mother or father. Apparently we unconsciously look for those positive qualities in potential partners in order to live loved or we might "repel" the harmful ones in the case the family relations weren't the best.

My question is if you often find yourself falling for people who look a bit like your parents or family?
Guys: Do you look for a woman who makes you remember your mom?


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  • Sorta.
    My girlfriend is similar to my mom in that she’s nurturing and sweet. Physically and their interests are FAR apart though, so I guess you could make a connection in a way. A small way saying I’m looking for a mate who is a sweet woman who would be a good mom?


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