What does a girl actually want from a guy? I wrote songs for her, I told her how I felt, I did stuff for her and still she doesn't want me?

I'm a musician and she said no woman can ever like a guitarist cuz they're lame


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  • Well either she was reeeeealllynnot into yiu or she’s lame jerselfmfor calling any guitarist lame.

    Sometimes we do way too much for the wrong people...

    I used to do a bunch of sweet things to my first boyfriend,, like a lot! I wrote him poems and drew nice drawings especially for him, I sand him songs lol and I’d cute love videos for him... and he cheated on me...

    My current boyfriend.. I felt bad I never did anything sweet for him at alll... well not compared to what I did with my first... not even a poem, a letter or a video nothing... and he’s super awesome! And still here with me after 10 years!

    Sometimes we just do too much and love too hard to the wrong people and get discouraged and broken for sometimes until the right ones comes along... and sometimes we end up not doing as much for those who truly value us and love us... it’s a strange thing, but it happens a lot..

    Just don’t lose hope and keep being you! But evolving always into someone better... the right person will come along.. just keep looking!

    A guitarist is always awesome! Even if the person you like says otherwise, it’s bs! Everybody else knows that 😎! Just realize in time those who are worth your time and those who are not. Don’t take in bad words, just let them fly away and don’t even let it phase yiu one bit.


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  • You can't expect someone to "want you" after you've done some things. That's not how it works. Ask yourself the same question, what do you want from a girl? Do you really "want" anything superficial?
    Would you fall in love with a girl that writes songs for you and told you how she felt?

    People aren't always compatible for each other emotionally. Move on and find someone you connect with. Interests should be mutual, relational stuff should advance seamlessly without either of you having to try really hard.


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  • Guitarists aren't known for having a steady paying career. For every successful player there are 100 pumping gas or waiting tables for a career. Plus most of them do drugs and play host to groupies where they get all the sex they want. She was probably thinking this when she said lame. You know you aren't gonna be a hit with everyone, just the one who likes you for who you are.

  • She's a bitch and a loser.
    She's not worth your time

    • I just don't get it I've liked her for the last 2 years, my first crush ever I wonder why she said musicians aren't worth it

    • because she's a cocky little bitch

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  • She's not mature enough he's probably still in her promiscuous phase

  • Dude move on she rejected you. Your not her type and it won't work.

  • comes down to attraction dude. girls are just as shallow as men are. even if you're the nicest thing around, she just may not be attracted to you


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