Can a taken man have feelings for another girl if so is it just sexually?

I have a very big crush on my coworker, he's very flirty with me and sometimes I think he could be interested, but he has a girlfriend. I mean I guess I wanna know like can a man have a girlfriend and have feelings for another girl? Or is it more common that he's only after sex? Should I not tell him how I feel, or what?


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  • Yes its very common, but of course you know that is a form of cheating, so.

    • What's cheating having feeling for someone while your taken?

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    • You can`t help yourself. However, it would be disrespectful if you do approach him by telling him your feelings when you KNOW he has a girlfriend, lol.

    • Your right okay I won't thanks for your advice

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  • Yes, I think man can like other girls while he is all ready in a relationship.. But he should respect his girlfriend and you should back off. Many single guys don't be a slut or easy girl. If he breaks up with his girlfriend then he is a free man. But for now don't be the type of easy girls. Respect yourself

    • I'm not a slut, I don't ever do anything close to slutty. We both are respecting the realtionship but I'm asking this question because I feel he likes me and I like him too.

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  • 1) Yes
    2) Not necessarily
    3) Just because he's taken doesn't mean he's dead


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  • He could be into you, or it could be just sexual. No way to tell.

    • So what do you think I should do

    • You should do nothing. Doesn't matter if he really likes you or he just wants sex. If you play with a guy who has a girlfriend, you're probly gonna end up getting hurt either way.

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