Am I going through a depression? My poor boyfriend?

Just seems like I'm overthinking everything my boyfriend does. I don't know anymore. I dont know if I'm capable of dating right now. We were suppose to hang out today but I called it off. I never call off our dates. We get to hang once a week hence he works full time. He drives an hour to see me i drive to him sometimes too. He tells me I am perfect the way I am. Walks to the door to get me. He always brings me up when I bring myself down. He pays for me, I met his friends and family. But part of me questions if he lowered his standards for me since I was probably the last choice. (Met online). I am overweight but working on it. It's a tough journey but I'm losing weight for MY HEALTH. i just feel like maybe he deserves better.. I am irritated all the time it seems like. I'm always crying myself to sleep thinking he's probably with some other girl. Am I depressed? Does he like me?
He claims he loves me too. He's always understanding.
I'm distancing myself from my friends. I've seen them like once this summer..


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  • Seems like you maybe overthinking it and you just need to someone to talk to. Sit down with him and get it off your chest.

    • How should I word it? We are gonna hang out tomorrow. But I dont wanna bother him coming here..

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    • I don't know I might even break it off too.

    • I don’t know your exact situation but if you just need some time apart do that before you call it off.

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