Hanging out for the first time?

a guy and i who have been talking for awhile are hanging out soon. i know he likes me because our mutual friend like set us up because he was into me. turns out i really like him too :). im driving and picking him up because i have my license but i dont what to do!!! im so nervous its been awhile since i last hung out with a guy 1 on 1 whom i really liked. 1) what should we do/go? 2) what should i talk to him about? 3) what do i wear? 4) how do i keep it from getting awkward because this will be the first time we have ever really had a convo face to face


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  • Firstly, be yourself. Sounds cliche I know, but a good basis for any relationship is to be yourself and not fake your character. If they like you for you you are, it's good, else, too bad. Many others out there.

    Do something you both like to do, depending on your character. I'd suggest something where you can get to know each other, a dinner, taking a walk, etc. Just make conversation with him. Talk to him about anything that pops up. Showing interest in what he talks about is a big plus. Ask more questions about what he's talking about. Don't make it feel like an interview though. Talk about your own interests too. Anecdotes are always fun to talk about.
    Wear something nice, something that shows you made an effort that day. And for awkwardness; just be yourself and talk about stuff as if he's a friend you've known for a while.

    Someone told me a long time ago; A situation is as awkward as you make it yourself. The less you perceive as awkward, the less someone else perceives it to be awkward.

    Think about someone tripping over his own feet on the street. What is more awkward? Them looking around to make sure no-one saw them, likely tuning red in the face and awkwardly walking away? Or someone that trips, gets up as if nothing happened and just walks on.

    And lastly, if it doesn't work out for either of you, accept it. There are plenty more guys out there for you. Forcing something never works anyway.


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  • Go watch a movie and then have lunch some where, watching the movie will break the ice and give you both something to talk about 🙂. Just wear something casual as it’s not a date, it’s just hanging out, where a bit of makeup if you want, just keep it natural. Don’t make it awkward just go with the flow😊. I hope this helps


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