Should I ask again?

I asked her out for a coffee date and all she said was “I’m sorry I have to fly to a meeting.” But she was in town the day I suggested because she was posting on IG stories showing she was. Was that just her way of saying in a nice way she’s not interested? Or should I try again? There were signs I thought she might be interested.


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  • If a girl is interested she finds a way
    Like even if she was going to fly out she would have said “oh I’m sorry I have a meting to go to but I get back in a few day can we meet up then?”
    But she didn’t do that so no brah she’s telling you she’s not into you

    • I get that, but last night I saw her because I was at an event she was mc’ing and we ended up sitting next to each other the whole night coincidentally. There were a couple times were she was leaning next into me so close we were almost touching. At the end of the event I was talking to my friend and she came into our group and as she did she tickled my shoulder to make way...

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    • Aren’t those signs that she’s interested? The leaning in and touching?

    • Signs she’s comfortable with you. Like could be interested, or could see you as a friend or brother type.
      Fact she’s not treating you like she’s interested makes me think she sees you only as a friend or a brother type figure

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