What is a good way to cope with liking someone in a long distance relationship?

Back story:

Met this guy from a different country. We immediately hit it off (from my perspective) and hung out everyday when we first met. I developed a "crush," but I learned he has a girlfriend back home, so I consciously made the decision to not to make any moves out of respect for their relationship.

However, I've been stuck between what the boundary is between being respectful of his relationship while being friends. I feel as though I have been unintentionally standoffish towards him. Deep down, i still have slight feelings, but I am consciously ignoring them.

He recently disclosed that his girlfriend cancelled her plans to visit him, so at best, they'd see each other after about 5 months. I wanted to be supportive, but I felt as though I gave off an indifferent vibe, and after hanging out, he even mentioned a mood change.

I'm just confused and feeling like a "angsty teen" dealing with a "Crush" for this guy where he's likely to be single in the next few months, but I still want to be supportive and act like everything is okay.


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