Should I stop dating her because she wasn't using her real name?

Short version of the story :

A girl i'm dating for 2 month revealed to me that she wasn't using her real name and that now she want a relationship with me. I feel cheated and thinking I should stop seeing hers.


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  • Oh hell yeah that's fishy as hell. Big no go here buddy

    • That's what I'm thinking right now but I don't want to go back dating other people...

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    • We were simply not exclusive yet.

    • Now she want to be exclusive.

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  • Are you dating to fin a partner for a LTR?

    If so, are you capable of forgetting that this happened and developing absolute trust in her?

    • I'm looking for a LTR. But, I not sure if I should trust her.

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  • I don't like getting lied to but it isn't the lie that counts but the why. As her why she pulled such a deception. If you don't like the answer, dump her.

    • She told me it was to protect her. If I turn out to be dangerous... I'm a fucking carebear for Christ sake...

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    • I'd dump. If she can't even tell you her identity then i don't see the point.

    • I'm strongly thinking about doing that. I'll have my decision tomorrow.

  • i would first ask her why she lied, if there's anything else she lied about, and listen to what she has to say first. usually i give people like 3-5 chances and if they keep fucking up then i'll cut them out my life

    • She told me it was to protect herself.

  • Yes. Starting out any form of relationship on a lie is a bad idea. You don't know if she'll betray you again in the future, possibly worse.


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