Guy Best Friend Drama?

Okay so I’ll give you a recap of what’s happen to bring yous up to date,
So basically I’m talking to this guy who I can’t date until the end of the year as I won’t be living at home because my mum doesn’t really approve and would make my life hell at home if I dated him while I was still living there. So for now we are kinda just secretly a thing (basically dating but not at the same time) for now until I move out.
Here’s the part where I need help
He has a selected few friends and one of them being a close female friend (they have had sex once but I don’t think it will happen again) who I am also fairly close friends with. They do everything together, like she’ll pick him up from work and drive him home and they’ll go on drives together at night and in the afternoon and do things in general. They also sometimes have his other guy friend in the car so that’s alright. (I would do this or go with them but I’m never really invited and if I were to pick him up I’d get questions asked from my mother)
Should I be concerned about the girl? Or not because they are just close friends?
I was completely fine with it up until I started to think more and more about it and started to think that hey if they have hooked up before. What’s stopping them now? I know I should trust him but he also has broken my trust before when he kissed another girl while at a festival even after he promised me he wouldn’t.
I probably sound clingy or something like that but I really don’t know whether I should be iffy about the situation or just leave it. If you’s all day it’ll be fine then I’ll trust that but otherwise yeah.
Thank y’all x


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What Guys Said 1

  • if it's just a "best guy friend". why are you asking about him?

    he should be "just a friend", righhhttt?


    • Oh I think you got confused. We aren’t best friends, we are basically dating. I’m asking advice on his girl best friend.

    • oh, so, he has a girl "friend", while he has a girlfriend?

      you realize how stupid i had to write that sentence, right?

    • why should he be able to have a girl 'friend", if he has a girlfriend?

      makes no sense, does it?

What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should keep things casual with this guy, because everything you wrote makes it seem like a bad idea to make any kind of commitment with him right now.


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