Why are men so pushy in dating?

Just wondering why guys r so pushy when it comes to dating? When u send every chick a message hoping for a response but dont get one. Why does it mean u have to be pushy or get nasty about? Or response time isn't as soon as they want.
Whats with needing to take a selfies every day for validation for them to know what your doing all the time? Why so needy?
Im finding dating really over bearing. People want instant response n instant dates. Do people not realise work kids life commitments come into play n they u dont have 24/7 to respond to msgs.
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Alway have information up explaining but a lot have even said that they haven't even read it at all.
Other thing is dick pictures really not a way to go about getting to know someone n asking for private pictures in return
Why are men so pushy in dating?
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