Why does my manager have a problem with me all of a sudden?

He’s my manager. We’re both in our 20s. A few weeks back he would always joke around with me and ask me to stay late (even when there was no reason to) and even suggested I work overnights with him. He seemed to enjoy working with me. He would also brag about me to new employees. Saying that I was really fast, etc. (We all have work friends. People who make work bearable). Then a girl at work teased me about him liking me. I highly doubt she told this to anyone tho because I shut her down about it.

Anyway, I missed a couple days of work (days that he worked also) because I was in school. They messed up my schedule. And he was talking about how he might have to miss tomorrow and I said “me too” and he replied back with “Yeah. I know. You never show up” but it was just those two days I didn’t show because I was in class. And I have to miss again because I have school. And ever since I missed those two days, he doesn’t really joke around or talk to me as much as he used to.

Also, today. I worked in the kitchen while he was in service and whenever he needed an order made, he would tell my coworker even tho I was closer to him.

What’s up with him?


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  • He joked with you and you caught feelings so now he doesn't know what to do. He may think you hate him. If you're interested start hugging him.

    • I don’t have feelings for him. He was beginning to be a good work friend of mine but I missed two days of work (no call no shows) that also happened to be days that he worked and now he’s just distant.

    • If you're not interested or daring him, why do think he has a problem with you if he doesn't give you attention? He may just be thinking about something other than you.

  • He wants to get in your knickers


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