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Me and my girlfriend had an argument because she made a mistake. She apologized and said she won't do it again but now she seems so distant that i don't even feel any affection from her towards me. I was mad but i don't want it to drag for much longer and i wanna make her happy again but she doesn't seem interested in talking all of a sudden.
What should i do?
  • Stop pushing her and act the same way cuz it was her fault
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  • Try making her happy in any way you can
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  • I personally would be as cold as ice! Just cause that’s how I am... I never give in especially if I’m not at fault and the other person pretend to be the “hurt” one.. as if!

    BUT usually if something is gonna work, eventually one of you has to break and say sorry, even if it seems unfit to say it... the one that cares the most is usually who will say it first...

    • She broke her leg 2 weeks ago and i went to her parent's house n stayed there for a week to take care of her. Helped her in everything. She didn't wanna go out cuz of her leg and i understood but the day i left her house to come back to my work, she's out with a friend (guy) alone hanging out. When i call her out cuz of it, she acts as if its my fault for being jealous.
      She finally said sorry n i said sorry that i was jealous but now she is cold as ice. She isn't talking properly to me at all. I don't know what to do

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    • Yes I've tried talking to her seriously and asking her what's up. She just says she isn't feeling okay while saying that she'll visit me but dont know when (we were planning for her to visit me for months) all of a sudden she changes everything in hours. Doesn't respond to my questions properly.

      I know me being jealous n mad was justified but i worry that I've pushed her away by calling her out like that😑

    • Well... I hate begging, even if I liked someone soooo much, I’d say okay, welllll it’s unfortunate but I guess there’s nothing else here for me so it was nice to know you! Thanks for the memories and have a nice life! ciao ciao! 👋!!

      But of course the average person cannot donthat cause it’s sooo hard and soooo sad and soooo difficult to do.. so I suppose you’re gonna have to be the begger if you want it to go on. but I don't know why people try to remain in a relationship with someone like that... why not find someone worth your time? .. but anyway just cause yiu beg doesn’t mean it will get better... it’s just an attempt to make things better... but again, I wouldn’t... I’d just leave. and if they actually like me or care, they’ll try to contact me somehow and try to mend things cause they’re the ones acting stupid if they do what your girlfriend did.

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