Guys, if you once said you were attracted to someone but decided to be just friends, would you ever change your mind?

OK so a guy I really liked told me he found me incredibly attractive & we tried dating but he called it off because he had feelings for another girl. We decided to be just friends & at first I was crushed but I got over it & have moved on. But me & this guy are now really good friends & I don’t have any feelings other than as a friend. But this girl he had feelings for has just basically done to him what he did to me & only wants to be his friend. Now he’s crushed & I’m being there for him but I’m now worried that I need to distance myself from my friend because he might start developing feelings for me because he did once say he found me incredibly attractive. It was the fact he was in love with the other girl that stopped us happening. But now she’s out of the picture, I don’t want our friendship being ruined by him falling for me cause I’m there for him! I have someone else now, I can’t go back to having feelings for him.


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  • i'd bet my ass that he'd be up for sex xD but more I don't know.


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