Are paid dating sites actually a better source to find a partner vs free sites?

Paid sites: Match, EHarmony, Christian Mingle etc
Free Sites: OKC, Tinder, POF etc

I know these free sites can become paid by choice but it’s not a requirement. I’m referring to sites that require payment in order to be able to browse the database. I’ve tried Match and did not like the two men I met in the past. The only relationship I’ve had was from OKC and that was a short term one. I feel that I either just have bad luck in love or men just don’t like my look/personality. Everyone reinstated paid sites lead to better matches for people that want something long term but I don’t feel that was the reality for me 😑
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  • want a douche go on tinder
    want a nicer dude go on bumble
    want a million guys to message you go on POF
    want a normal person go on OKCupid

    in my opinion, for my personality, I've met girls with the best personality on OKCupid and Bumble second.

    paid for? I don't know i'm hesitant to drop a ton just to not find someone


Most Helpful Girl

  • i think when you are paying for the site, it shows that you are genuinely seeking a long term relationship and partner versus a hookup or casual fling. My sister met her husband on eharmony and they are going strong 10+ years. That being said, it is not a guarantee you will find the right match for you on these sites. Maybe you are destined to meet your match in an organic fashion...
    don't give up though. You can't find what you don't seek...

    • Lol no I’m just cursed in love. I’ve stopped having any expectation.

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  • This is a good question

  • if people have to pay then you are less likely to find catfish or trollers there but having said that, it is possible to find people on free sites in the midst of all the bullshit.

  • I have tried them, and the luck was the same.

    For me the best one is:

  • None of them work


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