Boyfriend who used to hit the club alot?

My boyfriend is 20 and before we met, he used to hit the club a lot. For some reason, i just can't avoid the fact to think if there was some girl that he met in the club & possibly madeout with him or smtg.. he says he had his first kiss with me & hookups aren't really his thing but i dont entirely believe it. Cause under the influence of alcohol, anything could happen ya know..

Im just afraid to ask him about it cause i might look like a crazy girlfriend who takes whom we had our first kiss with, a big deal about it, but no, thats not the issue here.

Im more concerned of him not telling me the truth if it did happened.

Im not really familiar of what actually happens at a club cause I've never been to one yet.
It is both our first RS together so im pretty lost..


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  • not everyone goes to clubs to hook up. it can be about the tunes, the dancing, the drinking and the general atmosphere of escapism


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