Do you think people in history had so many dating problems?

On this site I see a lot of people completely stumped by the opposite sex and a lot of Psychology being applied. Psychology tells us we like the people we do and are attracted to the people we are by evolution and methods to pick up mates in the past, but are so skewed with changing times.

With that being said, do you think people had these many problems in the past? Or was it just the ideal "I like you, You like me, Let's have a baby?"

I should probably specify, I mean relationships WAY back in the day, like in "cavemen" times.


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  • Gender roles were much more clearly defined going back in years, so I think that might be a factor as to why it seems so difficult these days.


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  • Not saying there would have been no dating, but a lot, maybe most, of marriages would have been arranged, though. Depending on how far back you go in history, really.

  • lol not at all

    it was more arranged then


    everyone waited till they were married

    back then people had more important things to worry about then if he likes me or something trivial like that


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  • No internet, no phones, no TV or movies to introduce gender stereotypes and roles. The roles for men and women were clearly defined, and "sex before marriage" was unheard of. So yeah, dating is a lot more complicated now

    • Well I would like to point out that the only reason sex before marriage wasn't a problem was because people got married as soon as they hit puberty. XD

    • ok that's true, but not all people. Some people had to wait. It was a religious thing :)

    • Once again not true. The problem with the bible is that is presses you should stay a virgin until you are married, but this was written back when people married at ages as low 14. Not 18 like today. XD