Does he seem like a „fuckboy“?

so the guy that I met on tinder over a month ago... well we‘ve been dating for a while now and I feel like things are getting more serious yet i still have my doubts bc of social media and how how follows so many girls and likes those „sexy pics“ of them... but here are some things he’s done and I wanna know what you think about it, is he being serious with me or not? bc 70% I feel like he is and 30% not...
- last weekend i stayed at his place and he had to get up for work AND he said i can stay as long as i want, so I was at his apartment alone for like a few more hours... I don't know if he would say that to every other girl?
- he said I could leave my makeup-remover stuff at his place so when I stay there I don’t always have to bring it
- he has a heart behind my contact name
- some of his friends know about me, and I met some aswell
- whenever he talks about the future he mentions me in it some way
so those are some things he does that make me feel so wanted and cared about yet I can’t really believe it bc i‘ve been fooled so many times... what do you think? the Instagram thing is just a huuuuge Problem for me.


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  • Sounds like he is serious so far. But I understand your worries.


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  • He sounds like he's legit.


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