What should I do?

Why is it so hard for me to ask my girlfriend out?
I dont know when it's even the right time to ask her.
She always seem to be busy. For example, this labor day weekend. I ask her 1 week in advance to go on Monday and she said " ill be sweaty and stinky" (she's in band). Ok. 3 days before the weekend I ask again if she want to do it on Friday instead. She said sure. Thursday came by i asked again to make sure if she can make it. She said no cause she forgot she had something for band. Sure. I asked again "we have a 4 days weekend. You pick time and day." After i texted she never responded. Am i putting too much effort into her but she is not doing the same? Even though i am busy too i seem to be able to squeeze some time for her. I feel like she is too busy for a relationship.


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  • Look, if I was you I'd just break up with her. If she ain't got time for the relationship, or to put any effort with being with you, then it's not even a relationship. I get what you're saying, it would be awful for anyone to go through that, if you truly love her then keep dating her, but I mean there are plenty of fish in the sea, maybe just take a brake from her and try someone new? Honestly it's rude what she is doing, and since I'm a girl, If I was doing that I wouldn't be into the other person if I was doing that crap. This is coming from a female here, just brake up with her.

  • She don't like you


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