Girls, if a guy you liked or were interested in and your friend kissed, would you still go there?

So if You knew a guy liked you and one of your friends kissed him just a kiss would you still go there?


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  • It would really depend on how much I liked him. I might be tempted if he could convince me that he'd be loyal. An action like that just says to me that it's possible for it to happen again. Being drunk isn't an excuse for cheating - I'd be afraid that, if he went out with me, he'd end up getting drink again and hooking up with someone else. I'd need some pretty strong proof that he wouldn't do it again, and I'm not going to sit there and monitor my boyfriend to make sure it doesn't happen twice.

    If I liked him a lot I might be more likely to try it but I'd really, really be on my toes about it. I would probably constantly be wondering if he would cheat on me in a moment of drunken idiocy.


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  • no

  • things I would have to consider:

    what was the context of the kiss

    when the kiss was

    does she(or has she ever) like/d him

    does he (or has he ever) like/d her

    positive that nothing else pursued

    would they do it again

    sooo under 99.9% of circumstances, I'd say a no.

    unless the kiss was more than a year ago and had no other pretenses (even then I would be cautious.)


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