Why can't men communicate?

The guy I was seeing for a few months (talked about a year)...and we have a baby on the way. told me today that I should back off him as he doesn't want to talk but he didn't really know if he wanted it to be forever. He said he doesn't really know what he wants or where he is going, but once he has his fill he wants to do something together with me.

So I asked him what the reason was that he didn't know if it would be forever? What was holding him from answering that?


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  • My dad wasn't the best communicator. I think a lot of it has to do with a tradition of "men shouldn't show emotions" so they don't feel obligated to do so, and probably because there are so many more divorced families or lack of proper upbringing where kids don't learn communicative skills.

    A lot of this is held over from old traditions, where the man was the bread winner and

    The woman I'm dating now came from a basically loveless upbringing and has many emotional needs. She's wonderful and I could never live without her. She was in several relationships with men who could not communicate and eventually gave up until I met her.


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