My crush finally said she has feelings for me, but is scared to take it a relationship. What should I do?

Last night me and crush were talking over messenger and she was high af lol I asked what I am to her and she said I am friend but more than a friend, a best friend but more than a best friend. And that she does have feelings for me. We live in different states (LA and Vegas). The only reason she doesn’t want to make it to a ldr relationship because it’s a change and she’s afraid of change and doesn’t want to ruin what we have; that we won’t talk anymore if we do break up and she said that irrationally that one day i’ll Completely stop talking to her just because. And if I did talk about other girls to her she would be petty and a little bit of a bitch about it lol. Now we did discuss that if we did live closer things would be probably be different. After last night and looking back the last couple of years it makes sense why she does the things she has done and said to me and not pulling the trigger on the relationship. So what do I do now? after hearing it straight from her mouth I want nothing more to be with her. She does have a little 5 yr old girl too (obviously baby daddy has to be involved). I don’t want to push it on her but I feel that I want this to happen naturally by seeing her more irl more often.


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  • Oh man this is so much ! Honestly let things fall into place naturally. Take it day by day.

    • That’s what I’m gonna do. It’s just so hard since I’ve fallen for her. She is insisting on still taking things slow and she has brought up us having sex more often but in a “if we do, do this” lol gotta save up to see her

    • Awww wish you guys all the best!

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