Guys if something bothers you like a situation with the girl you’re dating, how do you act, with texts or in person?

It can be from her taking long to get ready to not bring clear about making plans to hangout.

How are you over text, cold, short or ignore?
Do you hide it or are straightforward?
How do you act in person?
  • I am short with texts and act cold
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  • I tell her right away that something is bugging me
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  • I’ll be short on texts for a couple of days but get over it
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  • I don't think any of these would work for me. I'd think about whether or not it really matters and if it does it is about finding the right moment to put forward your concern.

    • Got it... I basically talked on the phone with him... he said something was bothering him. He isn’t thinking straight and there are things we’ve argued about that still are on his mind. So I said if space is needed, then go for it and to not force anything.

      From the start of us dating, he was needy and I kept telling him, we need to give space and now I catch him telling me what he’s doing, who he is with, when he is home... etc... I told him he doesn’t need to do that, he said, I know I realized I do it all the time.

      So now here we are just taking it extra slow

  • I go on a rampage, stapling neighborhood squirrels to houses in unbridled rage.


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