Does it automatically mean she's not interested if she doesn't offer another day?

I recently asked this girl out for a coffee date, she said "I'm sorry I have to fly to a meeting." Then I saw on IG she was posting stories of her in town the day I suggested. I'm wondering if I should still pursue because the other night I was at an event she was mc'ing and I ended up sitting next to her the whole night. She was initiating questions and leaned in so close that we were practically touching at times. I was also talking with a friend and when she tried coming into our group she tickled my shoulder to make her way in.. She's pretty confident and outgoing.
You think I should continue to pursue even though she didn't offer another day to meet?


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  • Message her and simply tell her you are still interested in meeting up for a coffee or drink sometime and she can let you know when if she is interested. This puts the ball in her court and prevents you from pathetically chasing her.

    • You think I should continue pursuing her even though she didn't offer another day to meet?

    • Yes, just once. People are flaky out there and don't always respond, so you need to remind them. Also, nothing wrong with giving someone a second chance. "Continue pursuing" implies you are going to make this your mission or something, LOL. No, just message her once, and then that's it. If she replies, great! If not, that is your sign she isn't interested and you need to forget her.

    • She is known to be flaky..

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