Crying over a crush?

I littearly cry over him. It's 21:36 and im supposed to sleep but i couldn't because i think of him. And all the memories we had. It makes me sad that he became so mean this year. He even offered to help me and walk with me to a class. I just love him so much. I think of him right know and i'm sad. Why do i love him after everything he did? He's mean why do i love him :/?
I'm 14 by the way :/


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  • Whenever u get alome time thoughts come and this is normal and very general case , don't let yourself fool with the feelings , thoughts and emotions come. When you realise that these thoughts are just a game the mind plays with u when u are alone , you will realise u were wasting time. Don't stay in past. Move on and look around you you will find a better one. And feeling of attachment and affection is not "love". When you will met someone then you realise that your crush was just a phase. Live in reality and live with truth.

    • Wow so true. And i no longer care of my crush✌ i live in reality not fantasy

  • I was crying over my crush too, I know how you feel.

    • 😭 why can't he be nice to me? He changed he went from being the best to be rude

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    • It does :(😭😭

    • 😢😭

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