Meeting the parents?

I don’t have any “parents” but I have my grandad who I think of as my dad. My grandad used to be a “London ganster” although he hates that term. By that I mean he was a buissnesman in crime. He’s a lovely guy and has a lot of manners and respect for people. However, a lot of people around where I live know what he used to do as a buissnes and don’t like him. He spent 20 years in jail and was known as “one of England/London’s most dangerous men” at the time. Despite being an incredibly sweet and lovely guy he’s 66 and sees me as a daughter I even call him dad sometimes. He’s quite protective of me since we both lost someone me being my parents and him being his son. Anyway I’m not gonna go into mine and my grandads life too much That’s just a bit of back story. I’ve told my grandad/dad that I’m dating someone and he wants to meet them. He’s gonna meet him Wednesday. My boyfriend is a very sweet guy who’d never have a fight and he’s really funny. I think they’ll get on great. My only consern is my boyfriend isn’t particularly Lairy as such but he sometimes makes quite “out there” jokes. Should I tell my boyfriend about my grandad and if so how should I go about it?


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  • thats so sick, i would like to have dangerous family.

    • How should I explain what my grandad does/did though? Like I said before I can’t exactly say “Right basically my grandads been locked up for 20 years and was known as one of England’s most dangerous men.” He told my ex if he ever hurt me he’d hang him up by a butchers pole, cut him with a patato peeler and make him watch him cut his eyes out. What if he says that to my current boyfriend? He said he won’t and it was only because my ex acted like a “bad man” when he hasn’t seen shit. But I’m just scared and I don’t know.

What Girls Said 1

  • Tell him in conversation

    • But how should I explain it to him? I can’t just tell him “right basically my grandads been locked up for 20 years and was one of England’s most dangerous men”

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