Want to hang out with him? But his friends don’t like me?

I’ve recently got to know this guy, who texts me conversations everyday and who I have classes together. Seems sweet, shy, but I have the idea he’s into me.

I mean, he sends memes that suggest he thinks I’m cute. He’s the one to text me about getting lunch or random things, often before I can.

But whenever we hang out, he wants to bring his friends who are quite immature, who like to throw things at me (erm, trash, plastic bottles) and give me a weird look whenever I come around. Like I don’t belong there.

He treats me nicer than they do, though. I get that they’re playing but it’s a little odd to me... I’d rather not have stuff thrown at me when I have stuff to do and could get messy. I’m not sure what to think other than I’m not all welcome. I’ve tried breaking ice with them but it doesn’t seem to work out and it’s awkward silence. But it’s like I come to hang out with him, not to make things more awkward, yanno? I’ve asked him about it but he says they’re always this way and just playful.

Should I try to get to know him one-on-one instead? Ask him what’s going on? Or should I give up all together?


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  • That does not at all effect whether or not he wants to hang out with you


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