Should I try again?

Asked a girl out on a date and she said she was busy that weekend and her sister was coming home next week and she would be busy because they were visiting colleges. She said she has a pretty packed schedule and she feels like there won't be enough time but we could try. (I'm assuming she is referring to the fact I leave for college in a month).

I pressured her more by saying that she could say no and I wouldn't be upset. And she said I was a great guy and she thinks it would be cool to do something as friends maybe. She just doesn't think there is enough time. I made it clear I took that as a no and appreciated her honesty. But she kept the convo going and then i ended at after a few minutes. ( this was over text).

The next day at work it was awkward and we didn't talk as much. That night when I said goodbye she said that we need to figure out bowling ( we were going to go as a group from work). I said give me a time and a place and she said that is your job and blushed. It was awkward for a few days at work. Every time she saw me talking to other girls she seemed to chime into the conversation some how and sometimes she seemed pissed.

So is it worth asking her again?
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  • Depends what your endgame is. If you can't see yourself ever being able to have a relationship with her because you'll be gone, don't bother.


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