Hiding hickies from other guys?

So I hooked up with a guy a little while ago but I can’t tell if he’s interested in me. He doesn’t usually hook up or sleep with someone before getting to know them though. He asked me to hangout again but I got drunk the other night and hooked up with this guy who gave me tons of hickies all over my chest/ boobs. Should I avoid seeing him? Does he have a right to be angry if I hooked up with someone else? If you were the guy how would you react?


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  • Sounds like you have low standards of who you let in your body.
    Hickeys are usually a sign of easy to get females... I would hope he sees them and saves himself the trouble of finding out later.
    He has every right to be angry if you are easy and trying to let him think you are not, because if he has morals and doesn't bang random people it would be wrong to have him assume you we the same.

    • Yeah i know. But I’m single, and he hasn’t told me he doesn’t want me talking to other people. Or else i wouldn’t

    • There is a difference between talking to people and getting fucked balls deep

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  • Or just don't get drunk and hook up with every guy you see? I don't care if you're single. Being single and/or drunk isn't an excuse to be a slut.


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  • Alcohol isn’t an excuse to act like a hoe

    • Well I’m single. I’m sure you’d do the same shit

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    • Being educated doesn’t mean that you’re intelligent, you’re just nerd

    • I just laughed so much at this😂

  • How do you do that?


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