Guys, Why did he pick her over me just to dump her?

Found out guy I was seeing had a long distance girlfriend (when I caught him, after some Facebook snooping on a girl who liked all his posts, very strongly indicated she thought it was some long distance love, he said "why are you being like this? She's not even here!")
I told him I wasn't sharing with her as for one, I could not see what he saw in her ( turns out her family is pretty well off) and he should get rid of her as he hadn't seen her for 6 months and get should have told me about her in the first place and spared me feeling like shit. I would NEVER have agreed to be a side chick and why the hell did he want this girl he didn't even see?
He picks her over me a month later yet 2 months on, he dumps her for some chick he works with! He matches with me on tinder a day before he goes on holiday with office bike and I ask him wtf and he claims he hasn't been on tinder for ages (yeah, right) & only admits he's seeing work chick because she posts endless photos of them on Facebook. I just do not understand his mentality. He also so told me I was amazing after throwing me out like old rubbish. Help?


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