Is it weird if I a 20yr old male asks a 17 yr old girl out?

there's this girl I work with, she's really cool and really my type but im a bit afraid to ask her out because im 20 and she's seventeen.
Am I perv? Or is it weird? Help me out here.


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What Girls Said 1

  • What's the law there... it's normal

    • TN, they have a romeo and juliet law that states as long as your within 5 years of the other its A ok.

    • Isn't it like anyone above 17 is a legally consenting adult... or is it 18 it's different in every country.

What Guys Said 2

  • Go for it. Few years is nothing. I consider a 20yo girl as really much my age.

  • Well first of all I’d find out the laws where you live. If you can date her till she’s off age to be legal then go for it. It may seem weird cause of the numbers, her a teenager you in your twenties but when she’s 25 and you’re 28 which is only a 3 year difference it isn’t an issue. I don’t think you’re a pervert at all for liking a younger female. I don’t get why people tend to think that, just cause you’re an older male automatically makes you a pervert if you like someone who is way younger than you. Now if she’s like 12 or so and you’re in your 20’s that’s different.


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