Were you attracted to your partner?

I was just curious as to who has a partner that they weren't attracted to initially and what made you stick around at the start if you weren't attracted physically (as it seems like such a big deal in dating now with tinder etc). And lastly now do you find your partner atttactive and what do you think made it change? Thankyou!


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  • I was instantly attracted to my partner when I first saw him!
    This is when I was 16, I had never met him before but only heard about him because my friend was hosting him (he is Japanese I am Australian). I was told he was 2 years younger then me so 14 but turning 15. I thought he was going to be short and high pitched, not my type really but he walked in and full on blew me away. He still talks about it and embarrasses me everyday 😂

  • There were a few partners that I wasn't attracted to -- just hung in there because I thoguht they were great ppl!

    Those relationships didn't work out because I realized how important initial attraction is to me.


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