Is it normal to have little misunderstanding here and there in a relationship?

Sometimes my boyfriend will say something, but he doesn’t mean it to be bad. He just says it the wrong way, and I’ll get upset. He explains it and then i understand and say it’s okay. Or, sometimes in text things get misunderstood between us. This doesn’t happen constantly. It happens maybe once every couple of weeks/months. We usually get past them. But, sometimes i worry he will want to end the relationship over them.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Happens quite often. Just address it if you're worried.

  • yeah I think it would be normal to have misunderstandings now and then


What Girls Said 1

  • No! Don’t worry about it!
    I guess it would be different for me because I have only been in serious relationships when the person is overseas but we have misunderstandings all the time and I think we give each other the opportunity to explain because of the language difference.
    I think you just need to open up to the idea that sometimes there are misunderstanding and talk about it all the time like you are now !
    He won’t break up with you over a misunderstanding, there will always be a chance to explain but sometimes you have to make those chances :)

    • Sometimes he gets upset because he said to me “sometimes it just seems you assume the bad before the good”. But, sometimes when he says stuff it comes out wrong (or if it’s over the phone i can’t hear him always), or even through text sometimes there are misunderstandings. There are more good times than bad. But, yeah :/

    • I’m really sorry that you have to go through this !
      It will work out for you two, I think it might just be a certain point in your relationship.

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