Does he like her?

So I have a crush on this married man in my class. He is white. But he is always sitting next to this chubby blonde much younger than him.. who is very flirtatious. I am not white.. but I really like him. He seems to chat with her on whats app and always sit next to her. I have also seen him looking into her eyes. There are no other white people in our class.. So he has kids and a wife. Is he into her? He has been nice to me and there are times i get mixed signals from him but I am starting to believe he doesn't like me because he doesn't reciprocate my attention like he does for her. What do you guys think? I am also very introverted and shy whereas she is very bold, hot and her facebook even says - friends with benefits. I dont think they are sleeping together yet but he gives impression like he is very loyal to his wife. I feel terrible coz I like him and I can't live with the fact that he is giving attention to this other girl.. I made my self ok with the fact that he is married but this is just too much. Do u guys think he likes this blonde? by the way he is 34 and she is like 25 something.


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  • Guys like attention from women. And she is giving it to him. Hard to say if he likes her or just that the attention she gives him makes him feel good

    • If I give him attention, will he like it? or do I have to be hot for that?

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    • she is a young blonde and has big boobs and big butt..

    • he acts very close to her.. like touch her back.. or reach in her personal space.. and sometimes overly nice to her in front of me to tease me.. i feel worthless.. and he knows that i like him

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