How does Tinder work?

After messing with these apps for some time. I’ve come to some conclusions. And I’d like to know if you agree or disagree.

Sorry to use a rating system here but it suits my needs..

Let’s say you’re a male and a 7 by most standards. I figure the average girl you will match with on tinder is a 5. Now let’s say you’re a female 7. I figure the average male you can match with on tinder is an 8-9.

Now, this is actually the complete opposite of what happens in the real world. Men can usually date above their attractiveness, and women below.

So why is it like this? I have a couple of theories.

1. Men swipe right on nearly everything.
This essentially makes it that women are being swarmed by a barrage of decent or good looking men. An experience almost none of them have had irl

2. Men use a lot of fake photos, at least a lot more than women do
This leads women to believing they can match with male models. Why would make models be on tinder? Seriously, switch your settings to a woman interested in men and you’ll see what I mean.

What are your thoughts?


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  • I have never been on Tinder but I can say this based on friend's experiences. A lot of guys are looking for sex and some girls too. But girls will naturally hope for something more. A lot of my friends who are on the app, have not found a guy irl and vice versa so they are resorting to apps. But a recent discussion we've had is that everyone is judging the looks of others on there. Tinder and the other apps are superificial, you are judging looks all the time and girls are less likely to go for anyone out of fear of meeting a creep/ weirdo. Girls are also more likely to choose personality over looks irl because they have shared some sort of chemistry or a wonderful moment so they are likely to go for less attractive but dating apps do not give you that component.

  • Go find out. Open an account

  • Sorry, Can't help you with that. I Don't associate WITH ratings nor Tinder. Hopefully someone can answer this for you.

    • Same I prefer the face to face meeting. I have never understood those apps, well unless I am looking for a one night stand.

    • @LalaIbby90 makes sense. 😊

    • I don’t really sign on to a rating system so to speak in every day life. But it was the most objective way to get the point across here.

      Obviously some people are more attractive than others. Putting a number to that just makes it easy to communicate

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