My boyfriend chooses his friends over me?

My boyfriend and I were planning to hang out, so I double checked with him and asked if he still wanted to or if he wanted to do it another day. He said it was up to me so I told him I would be there. I went to pick him up from work when he was supposed to get off. He asked me to wait 30 minutes so I waited for 45 in the parking lot. No big deal, stuff happens. He tells me one of his friends wants to get food with him but he told me it was too early for him to eat so he told the person no. Friend comes over anyways. They talk and he comes back and asks me if he can go. Im upset about it and feel like if I dont let him he will be upset with me. He says okay Ill just tell him I can't, but when he comes back he asks me if I'll be mad if he goes. He says this doesn't mean he doesn't love me and I explain to him that I kinda had a rough day and wanted to wind down with him and got to see him for 10 minutes today and he doesn't respond. His friend comes back after picking up another person and he asks me if Im going to be okay and I say you're just going to leave? He says he's sorry and walks out the door. He texts me 5 minutes after saying we can talk tonight and that he's sorry. Thoughts?


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  • Talk to him, seriously. About why you're upset and why he left and come to an understanding. Don't be afraid to talk, you might regret it.

  • The guy has morals and you can't play that *its me or your friends* shit because its how you lose a dude


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