3 months 6 dates no vibe now just friends?

As the title reads I've known this guy for 3 months we've been on 6 or 7 dates. We talk everyday. He told me on date 3 that he is not looking for anything serious because he is recently divorced. Then last week he told me that he doesn't feel anything romantically for me. And the vibe wasn't there. But, he still wants be friends and hang out. Since telling me this news nothing with him has changed. He still text me everyday good morning and through out the day. He has also made plans for us to hang out in the next few weeks. Should I believe him that there is nothing there or there is something and he doesn't want to admit it right now.


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  • I don't see why he would lie about it. Potentially his feelings may change in time but unless you have a reason not to believe him perhaps friendship is all he wants at the moment. :)

    • My deal is if you want to be friends... why keep everything the same. In previous experiences the guy backs off. I'm just confused that's all

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    • Ok, I've never had anyone say their not romantically attracted to me... that also throws me off. I heard of sexual but not romantic

    • I can see it being a little weird to you if you have never dealt with it before but guys can friendzone girls as well. I would say never having someone say that they aren't romantically attracted to you is a good thing and shows you are worthwhile individual.

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