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I finally met the man I’ve been talking to. We’ve had great communication so far. We agreed that taking it slow is best. After our first date, we were intimate (not fully) but we were physical. I enjoyed it very much as did he but.. I had to slow him down. On the drive back to drop me off, he reiterates his need to take it slow. He put it as “I didn’t go into this intentionally wanting something serious but I’m not closed off to it either. We need to go pretty slow” I told I understood and things are ok. I just tend to be excitable and a little intense with the men I like. He knows this. I guess I’m asking what you would do moving forward if you were me


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  • I think you're already on the right track. If you both agree to having a slower pace and finding a more intimate connection beyond sex, then do that. Make sure you're both clear about what you want as you want it. You can't be sure he'll know what you want if aren't willing to be a little vulnerable and vice versa.
    He's already admitted he'd be open to something serious, he's just being noncommittal in speech because he's looking for concrete signs of trust and commitment from you first. If he knows you heat up fast then taking things slow is the trust exercise. Hang in there for a bit and if things get better for you then push for more physical intimacy and full commitment. If not, then hey you tried.


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  • I think you could move forward with it but be very guarded and don’t give your heart or full sex until you see if he wants something serious. That way you won’t get your heart smashed. Sounds like he could be “playing the field.”


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