Should I bike across the country to raise awareness for my cause?

I am seeking a woman with no romantic history whatsoever. That means no previous boyfriends or male friends whom she had feelings for.
I want to be her first love and she will be mine.
To raise awareness and to gain publicity, I am thinking about cycling across the US.
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  • Simple
    But that tough
    Cuz most of the girls are not like that.
    If you are not her first, do not expect her to be...
    Life will not make it happen... even you are, the relationship will crash... that is job of karma.

    • You just said a bunch of gibberish. I read some of it

    • U will know it once u go throught it...
      You think people said and showed the reality of their relationship and what they felt.

      You think what you see is tge reality or what you read and see on instagram and fb are real, 90% is just a show off and fake.

      Now it is up to you, either you see with your mind or in the reality will make you see what you did not want to see one day, maybe in 10 years, 20 years...

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  • I think you're unnecessarily looking for a unicorn, You would be better advised spending the time it would take to bike that far on looking for a girlfriend.

    • Why is everyone so fucking pessimistic about it? I mean, fuck damn. You can't say there is not ONE girl out there with no prior romantic history.

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    • Why do you think it is sooooo impossible?

    • No Feelings for any guy ever? That's not realistic. You can certainly find one who's never had a boyfriend, though

  • Can you say the same about yourself?

    If not your request is unreasonable.

  • It ain't going to work. Just find someone yhe old fashioned way.

  • Prepare to die alone

  • I'm afraid that scream "Lead Balloon" to me

  • That is a monumental waste of time.


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