Ideal girl personality wise?

I hear soooo much about guys ideal woman based on physical appearance. What about personality and interests? I would love to hear some men describe their ideal personality in a woman. And please include interests and hobbies.


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  • A little shy, funny, quirky, imaginative. Into girls who love Fashion, Music, Art, Sports, even videogames. Basically anything that I can talk to her about and share common interest with. Also love tattoos so if she's got any of those she gets bonus points.

    • Do you mean alternative fashion styles?

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    • What systems do you have?

    • Right now just the new 3ds and of course my laptop. Also some older nintendo ones. I

  • kind hearted, sweet voice, witty, educated, kinda shy in nature, loves me passionately etc.

    loves reading novels, books, general knowledge, watching movies, travelling etc.

  • Fun to be with and adventurous really

    • What describes fun to be with for you? The term tends to be subjective.

    • Someone who's willing to do stuff others dont or take risks or play games or enjoy the same hobbies as me

    • Hiking, fishing, mountain climbing, gaming, and just all around outdoor stuff for hobbies. Oh and paintball

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