How come girls are so overconfident online?

I’m pretty sure some guys are like this too but I don’t talk to guys online at all.

Ok ok so I just don’t understand why girls are so overconfident online
The most unattractive girl has tons of requirements.
its like they’re ordering a pizza or something, they’re so picky

I Swear the girls that turn you Down online
Are usually the girls who are too scared to say hi to you in person
Why are they like that?
For what?

Like when I’m online I lower my standards to the floor basically, I’m pretty open to anybody with a vagina, but hey raise their standards

Thats like getting your GED and asking for more than what somebody with a diploma would ask for like really?


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  • Men online likes to send dick pics and be extremely rude, after a while, some females get so annoyed, its upsetting, when all they came online for, is a nice convo.

    • still didn't really answer the main question, because the main question is why are they so overconfident and picky whilst irl they're too shy?
      also i get some guys do that and it may annoy them to the point of doing such things but how many times would that've happened?

    • Every hr, or more. So they grow standards to weed them out. Most girls know what they want.

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