Guys, Is he pulling away? Male perspective needed?

I met this guy about a month ago and we hit it off straight away. We arranged our first date 4 days later. I met him in London and he’d clearly put a lot of thought into where to take me and it was a great first date.

We went on our second date a week later. In between that we messaged a lot and even spoke on the phone for 1.5hrs.

On our second date he surprised me with tickets to Thriller the musical and he was so thoughtful throughout. Third date again was arranged for a week later. We again met in London and this time I treated him.

Again we texted during the week although no longer as much.

Then this weekend he was meant to come to stay Friday till Sunday. He drove two hours and turned up with wine and chocolate and I felt like I got to know him a lot more. The next morning he received a text reminding him it was his nephews birthday dinner that evening. He was very apologetic even said he wouldn’t go. I told him of course he was going, family was important. He stayed as late as possible and we talked loads even had the exclusivity chat but he didn’t seem to want to arrange the next time we saw each other.

He text me when he got home thanking me for an amazing weekend and saying he looked forward to doing it again and would happily come here again as I’d been to London a few times 😍.
He’s still texting everyday but again not as much. I tried to suggest meeting before a concert I have this Saturday in London but he suddenly said he was away with friends in Portsmouth which he’d never mentioned. But did say if it fell through I could come stay at his Friday till my concert on Saturday.

We’d also talked about him coming to support me doing a charity abseil but he said it was the same day as tickets for a fight his friend had got him but he suggested he wanted to try and see me as well.

I know it’s still early stages and he has admitted to being really unorganised but I just can’t tell anymore if this is genuine or if he’s pulling away.


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