Went on date, she ghosted me. follow on instagram?

Went on a date with a girl, thought it went fine, although i was very nervous for some reason and i think she sensed this and we didn't speak again after the date. Would it be weird to follow her on instagram? I've heard many stories of this happening and then the couple reconnecting and dating, i just want to do it to keep the contact line open.


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  • Did you try to contact her after the date, or did you "ghost" her as well?

    • it was a bit ago, not sure i contacted either. i think i just figured she would.

    • I think its just dumb to not do anything and expect the other to do the first step.
      If you want to talk to her, then talk to her.
      Not that lame socialmedia crap, be a man and actually talk to her.

  • Have some self respect please. Don't follow her.


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