Does he want a hookup or what?

i have been friends with this guy for about a year. I had a messy relationship with his best friend but we've continued to stay close even tho his friend and I are no longer on speaking terms. we text once or twice a week and a few weeks ago we sort of accidentally we fell into a conversation about hooking up. it didn't really turn into anything, but now I'm curious. I'm not really sure if he is actually interested in a hookup, but he will hug me when he sees me or when we say goodbye, and my breakup with his friend hasn't really had an impact on our relationship. is this something that could be a hookup?


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  • Well it all depends on the friend, if he is a true best friends he should not and would not hookup with you. But if he is think about it, he have to choose between being a good friend or hooking up with. But warning if he does choose you he is going to lose a friend, but once again it depends on the guy.


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