Newbie how do I go about this?

I have joined a dating site for the first time , I have been chatting to a nice man we have swapped numbers and he says he wants to get to know me and would like to meet , but I have noticed he’s online all day on the dating site? If he wants to get to know me he wouldn’t be would he? I’m confused I’m new to dating sites
He says he’s busy at work but every time I pop on he’s online , maybe a player and speaks to lots of women?


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  • Well over thinking and assuming for red flags are the greatest downfall for most people today. Everything falls into place. Your confused cause what you see, know, and think is matching up reality. Reality is, your not officials nor is he bound by limits yet.

  • I am on a couple and have tried different ones... First and most likely is he is talking to other girls as well, the reason for that is simple. When you join a dating site do you only look at one person on the site or do you look at multiple people on the site. Most people will look at multiple people on site. Then they will message people they're interested in or think that they will match well with. And sometimes I can take people up to three months to find out whether or not they will actually match together. And this is before they ever actually confirm whether or not they are actually interested in dating seriously. Most guys who have been on dating sites got used to the fact of most girls putting off meeting up or going out for a date in person and turning out to only wanting to be idolized online. So we usually talk to at least 4 to 5 at a time. As far as he technically being online all day long. Guys do have a bad habit of leaving web pages up on their computers at home or staying logged in on their cell phones and I'll still register them as being online and able to be contacted. If you serious about you after y'all start meeting up in person who are stop hanging out on the dating site as much. And when y'all do become serious he will pretty much drop the dating site.


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